Terms & Conditions



 It is the client responsibility to check the rental contract to make sure all goods rented are correct, and that all important details are well noted for example:

         -Time frame for delivery and pick up  

         -Review that the date is correct

         - If set up is included or not       

         -In case set up is included what time should set up be finish and pick up be finish  

         - check address                 

Up-Lighting Florida  will not take any responsibility or liability for incorrect information provided other than what is on the rental contract

 It is the client responsibility that at the time of pick up all the items are were these were deliver, any missing item will be invoice and charge to the credit card on file without further notice, if the client find the items we will issue a refund to the same credit card on file or mail a check.


1.  Amount quoted is for one use of the Equipment only – for the noted rental term. Any additional cost for rental loss, rental extension, damage and repair will be charged to the credit card on file.                     

2.  All prices quoted are in Dollar (USD).

 5. Any damages to the order will be payable immediately after the event. 

3. A 50% non refundable deposit is required at point of booking; full payment must be made min. of 48 hours prior to delivery. 

3.     PAYMENTS:

1-     We accept any major credit cards

2-     We accept checks with 15 days before the delivery date payable to Up-Lighting Florida

4-     We accept cash


    -Cancellation of orders will forfeit all booking deposits

    -Cancellations made within 7 Days of delivery will incur a 100% cancellation fee. Note that this items were in hold for your order and we wont be able to rent them.

    -Cancellations made 1  Month before the delivery date apply for an in-store credit for future orders.

Please note that if you place an order today for tomorrow event, our team start working on the order right a away, which is why we have to charge a 50% restocking fee, if truck leave the loading dock we have to charge 100%.


            Please check all goods before leaving our premises; client is responsible for any broken item at the time of return.

           Any return made after the time agree on rental contract is subject to a 15% of the order per day. No exceptions.

           Client authorize our company to use the credit card on file to make such fees.


 The client is responsible for the Equipment from the time of delivery until collection by our company staff and shall pay for all Equipment damage or lost however caused during that period. The client shall maintain at its expense liability, property and casualty insurance coverage in amount necessary to fully protect our company and its Equipment against all claims, loss or damage of whatever nature or type. Our company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to any person, property, animal or things whatsoever arising from the use of the Equipment hereby hired and the client indemnifies our company in respect to any claims for such loss or damage.

. Our company’s count and/or decision as to condition of the Equipment prior to dispatch and on return shall be final. 

. The client shall not remove the Hire Equipment or any part thereof from the situation and position of its installation without consent from the Owner. The client grants our company access at all times to inspect or repair the Equipment and in the case of default to remove the Equipment. The client shall on no account attempt to repair the Equipment but notify Our Company immediately in case of breakdown or failure. 

. The person signing the documents for and on behalf of the client hereby covenants with the Owner that he or she has the authority of the client to make this agreement on the client behalf and is empowered by the client to bind the client to this agreements and hereby indemnifies our company against all losses and cost incurred by our company arising out of the person signing this agreement failing to have such power and/or authority.

. The owner reserves the right to take photos at event locations utilizing our company’s equipment. Photos are taken with a focus on the Equipment and are selected with due care to exclude recognizable private property and persons. Photos may be used in publications or other media material produced, used, or contracted by our company.