Stage & Lighting

Up-lighting Florida Offer a wide range of staging options for both indoor and outdoor events. We cater to concerts, conferences, awards, fashions shows and more. All our sets are modular pieces that create a bespoke set to your exact requirements. 

We have 2 different styles of staging, Heavy Duty stage, that comes with adjustable legs  1' or 2' high, optional carpet, . The other option is our Truss stage system, it comes with adjustable legs ranging from 1.5' thru 6' high, top could be either black vinyl or clear acrylic . We are able to create a stage to suit almost any requirement, and add bespoke pieces to allow for curved fronts, or angled wings. Our stage rentals are available in Miami, Broward, west palm beach and or surrounding areas.

Our team of professionals will transport, install, and dismantle all staging elements, delivering unrivaled quality in equipment, design and production.

Truss Stage System 4'x4'Black Vinyl

Truss Stage System 4'x4'Black Vinyl


$50.00 Ex Tax: $50.00

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